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Wudang Kung Fu

Wudang Kung Fu is one unique internal martial arts style in China. It enjoys a parallel position with Shaolin Kung Fu in the Chinese Kung Fu field, from where the prominent saying "In the north repects paid to Shaolin Kung Fu; yet in the south honor given to Wudang Kung Fu."

Wudang Internal Kung Fu is based upon the principles of Infinity (Yi Wu Ji), Supreme Ultimate (Tai Chi), and Two Extremes (Liang Yi Wei Yi). Various styles have developed and flourished over the years by combining these principles.

Wudang Internal Kung Fu has the characteristics of overcoming toughness with flexibility, hardness with softness and movement with stillness. Wudang Kung Fu not only provides the function of body-strengthening & self-defense, but can also preserve one's inner energy.

Kung Fu

High Impact

Increase Strength, Flexibility, Energy, Resilience, and Coordination

Tai Chi

Low Impact

Reduce Joint & Muscle Pain

Improve the Mind & Body Connection


250 Lincoln Rd. Waterloo, ON.

(Lower Floor of St. Columba Anglican Church)


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