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Children's Classes (Age: 4-11 year olds)
Saturday & Sunday:


Children's Classes: Building Skills, Discipline, and Respect

Our children's classes focus on developing coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength while instilling discipline and respect.

What We Teach:

  • Stretching Exercises: Fundamental routines to enhance flexibility and prepare the body for more complex movements.

  • Basic Stances: Essential stances that build a strong foundation in martial arts.

  • Punching and Kicking Skills: Basic techniques that enhance motor skills and self-defense capabilities.

  • Beginning Wudang Fist Forms: Introductory forms that combine all basic skills into flowing sequences.


Additional Benefits:

  • Discipline and Attitude Improvement: Our training emphasizes discipline, helping children improve their attitudes and behaviour.

  • Respect for Others: We teach kids to be very respectful to their parents, teachers, and peers, fostering a positive and supportive community.

  • Introduction to Taoist Principles: Children will learn basic concepts of Yin and Yang and the importance of stillness, promoting both physical and mental growth.

No previous experience is required, but children with prior martial arts training may progress quickly. Join us and watch your child develop essential physical skills, discipline, and respect, along with an appreciation for the rich traditions of Wudang martial arts.





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